Stanford Capital Partners LLC, and its group have funded innovative concepts that have changed the consumer and transportation industry landscape - companies that are household names today.
Global Resources Behind Great Entrepreneurs
Our Industries
We focus our investing in five areas:
  • Commercial Transportation Manufacturing and Financing
  • Joint Ventures with Asian Companies
  • New Innovative Technology or Concepts
  • Financial Services and Technology
  • Business and Consumer Services

In the last three categories above, we prefer to invest in companies where technology plays a key role in the delivery of the product or service.

Commercial Loans
Stanford Capital Partners and AZCAP Fund provide loans to small and medium sized businesses that may not be suitable for typical private equity structured investment. In general, these businesses are too risky to obtain bank financing, but at the same time do not offer the return profile that a typical venture capitalist seeks.
Submitting your Plan
Stanford Capital Partners welcomes business plans from those entrepreneurs sharing our investment philosophy and whose opportunity meets our investment criteria.
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